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Apply for and Start a Job

Join our career workshops to learn the techniques of securing your perfect job. Know how to target your job search, to write a power effective CV, and practice job winning interview skills.

Furthermore, after successful recruitment, CAREERS helps integrate easily in your new work environment with our workshop on your first day of employment.

Workshops to Apply for a Job

To help you raise your chances for employment, at that level, learn how to successfully apply for a job and to give the best impression you can. CAREERS offers a number of workshops to help you prepare the following, and use them as tools to market yourself.

1. Effective CV writing skills: Essential tool in the survival kit of every employee. Duration: 3 hours.
2. Techniques of effective Cover Letter: Catch the first glance. Duration: 1.5 hours.

3. Interview Skills An opportunity to persuade.
Duration: 4 hours.

4. Job Search Strategies Land the job you want.

Duration: 3 hours.

5. First day of Employment. Duration: 2 hour

Pick the domain specific session that is of use to you. The customized, tailor made training sessions are intended to give you the practical experience needed to perform in your work.

<< Available 3 times a week. Click here for more information >>


Workshop to be ready for your first day of employment

CAREERS prepares you to enter companies. Avoid cultural shock, and directly feel at ease in your new working environment.

<< Available 3 times a week. Click here for more information >>