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The human resources training section begins its function of providing whatever training and orientation the new and old employees might need in order to make certain that they are equipped to perform and/or improve their duties, and follow new developments and technology in their profession.


To find employment nowadays, to advance in your profession, or maintain your position, you need on-going training and regular information about market trends.


That's why; we at CAREERS provide job seekers and company employees all year round with Training Sessions, Seminars and Lectures, and the proper Documentation.

Training Sessions

Improve your skills to be more marketable. Training sessions are available for all levels of employment. Get trained in soft or professional skills, and become the worker employers want to hire.

Soft Skills Training Sessions: Develop skills you may use in any work environment such as basic communication, personal/interpersonal skills, and add them to your professional profile.

Professional Skills Training Sessions: Pick the domain specific session that is of use to you. The customized, tailor made training sessions are intended to give you the practical experience needed to perform in our work.

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Seminars and Lectures

Learn about the working world from the mouth of professionals. CAREERS organizes on regular basis, presentations, lectures, and seminars to familiarize you with different activities and advancement in the local economy, and keep you abreast of the latest developments.

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CAREERS' resource room encloses information in prints, on videotape, and on CD-ROM that you may refer to as aids throughout your career decisions. Local and international documentations are available to help you make an educated choice.


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