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Know the likely behavior of your new recruits and your employees under different situations for various purposes such as restructuring, identification of internal talent, succession planning, internal development, and team building.

Dependent on the seniority of the position(s) being assessed and the level of competencies being measured - CAREERS introduces a wide range of psychometric assessment tools all of which have been developed by qualified and experienced occupational psychologists, and these tools are validated on a global basis.



  • Experienced and Certified Psychologists to interpret and identify your employee's unique personality traits and competencies.

  • Professional HR consultants to provide solutions in organizing and restructuring your workforce diversity to maximize productivity.

Why the need for HR ASSESSMENT?

  • To assess if a candidate has the skills for a job

  • To assess how well a candidate fits into the team and organization

  • To minimize the cost of recruitment

  • To understand one's strengths and weaknesses

  • To identify potential

  • To provide an appropriate development program

  • To allow development to be focused on greater needs

  • To maximize individual productivity


  • MBTI

    It is a useful tool for understanding people by looking at eight personality preferences that everyone uses at different times. MBTI helps organizations make the most of their human resources while leveraging individual's natural strengths and its power can be multiplied when applied to teams.
  • 16 PF

    This test measures the same personality measures that psychologist Raymond B. Cattel and Joseph E. King published in 1949. 16 PF measures the 16 personality factors. This test is of particular use for selection and development.
  • SII

    These tests help organizations identify their workforce interests in the occupation that might be more productive and more effective assigned elsewhere.
  • SDS

    These tests can be used to explore the relation of occupational activities, competencies and self-estimates to occupational clusters. It estimates the degree of congruence and consistency between a person and an occupation.

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