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CAREERS recruits for all sectors from junior to senior levels in Lebanon and abroad. CAREERS delivers the best candidates for the job taking into consideration not only quality but also time because CAREERS has the largest all-inclusive candidate database in Lebanon, and is guided by the largest team of highly qualified personnel that utilize the most modern effective and efficient recruitment techniques as mentioned below.

In the process of finding the right candidate for you, CAREERS does not focus only on the quality of candidates, but also on the time it takes to find them. We give you results in a short amount of time because we have the largest all-inclusive candidate database and recruitment team in Lebanon.

CAREERS' database is enhanced and constantly updated by our one-of-a-kind website in Lebanon, and by being the leading exhibition organizer of the major event for orientation and recruitment, FORWARD, we receive more than 50,000 job seeker applications in all sectors from junior to senior levels.

CAREERS created a network of companies where major names in the economic arena became members, and refer to CAREERS to fill their job openings. Regionally, CAREERS has agreements of collaboration with leading recruitment agencies located in the Gulf and the MENA region. Thus CAREERS is able provide employment for Lebanon, UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Syria, Jordan, Egypt...

Our client portfolio includes prominent organizations like Al Mawarid Bank SAL, Dar Al Handasah, KPMG, Sheraton Coral Beach Hotel, H & C Leo Burnett, Al Ghanim Industries - Kuwait, Procter & Gamble, FDC, Obagi Chemicals, Gulf News - Dubai, Tanmia, Idriss, Al Shaya Co - Kuwait, Deloitte & Touche ME, ABC Mall, Vivendi Group, Almaza - Heineken, Chalhoub Group GCC ... For the complete listing of our Client Portfolio, please click here.



Step 1: Defining and Diffusing
(Duration: 2-3 working days)

  • CAREERS HR consultants define the complete profile of the vacancy
  • CAREERS will diffuse your job offer through posting the job offer on CAREERS' website with the requested requirements, and through mass mail to potential candidates

CAREERS assures the client that company/contact information is highly confidential and will never be disclosed to any third party without the client's personal consent.

Step 2: Searching, Screening, and Proposing short-listed candidates
(Duration 7-8 working days)

  • CAREERS Recruitment Consultants search related CV's, filtered them, and schedule appointments with the potential ones
  • Potential candidates are screened and evaluated on two aspects:
    • The personality profile: assessed by CAREERS team of certified psychologists providing a complete psychometric analysis of each candidate screened
    • The professional skills and competency profile: verified by CAREERS team of Professional Consultants in various job fields, in-house or on assignment
  • A shortlist of 2-3 potential candidates that fully meet the job profile is proposed to the clien

Step 3: Interview and Selection
(Duration - subject to your convenience)
  • CAREERS will coordinate and schedule the interviews between clients and candidates for selection

  • Incase of successful selection
    • CAREERS verifies the references and checks the validity of the documents for the chosen candidate
    • CAREERS HR and training consultants prepare the candidate for his/her 1st day of employment
  • Incase of unsuccessful selection
    • CAREERS will continue the search following the same order as above and refine the search through the means of:
      • Advertisement (newspaper, professional magazines etc…)
      • Network of contacts such as professional orders, universities etc…
      • Targeted search

For online registration, view our Recruitment Terms & Conditions.

CAREERS assures you that your company/contact information is highly confidential and will never be disclosed to any third party without your personal consent.

To post your job offers online, please print, fill out, and sign the Recruitment Terms and Conditions page and fax it to +961 1 203 258.