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CAREERS offers a unique combination of strategies to reach workforce solutions. We specialize in the entire career process.

At CAREERS, career counseling and assessment, recruitment, training and development, organizing events and seminars, and human resource management services cohabitate to foster efficiency of services.

  • Career Counseling & Assessment:
      CAREERS offers a variety of Self Assessment Tests to draw your personality profile. You can also meet our career counselors for personalized consultations in order to enhance your potential to determine your own career track.

      Human Resources Assessment is a distinctive approach to employment management provided by CAREERS. Assess your employee(s) with the various tools to foresee the likely success and 'fit' in a wide range of settings.


  • Recruitment
    • At CAREERS, we distinguish ourselves for the unique and personalized services offered for both candidates and employers. Whether you are a JOB SEEKER looking for a new challenge, or an EMPLOYER looking to recruit a new member in your company, CAREERS provides you with a comprehensive service that perfectly matches your needs.
      At CAREERS we believe in our active role to enhance human potential and contribute to company growth.

    • Medium for Recruitment: At CAREERS, we also provide an effective and efficient MEDIUM FOR RECRUITMENT for companies based abroad that wish to recruit from Lebanon by setting up for them the contacts and premises for meeting.

  • Training and Development:
    CAREERS offers an for JOB SEEKERS an interactive range of soft and professional skills training programs.
    CAREERS also provides for EMPLOYERS customized training sessions for their employees according to their needs.
  • Organizing Events and Seminars:

As part of our mission of assisting people in terms of work and employment, we organize, among other events, a yearly forum for Orientation and Recruitment, FORWARD.

FORWARD is the meeting place of all actors in the Lebanese economy. We receive local and international academic units, professionals, professional orders, recruitment agencies, and training and cultural centers that provide adequate information and tangible assessment of the outlets and work opportunities, as well as possibilities of enrolment in universities and recruitment in companies.

Our events and seminars aim at coordinating activities of both job seekers and job suppliers in the prospect of moving forth the wheels of our economy.

  • Human Resource Management Services:

    At CAREERS we provide value added HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SERVICES to help clients achieve their organizational goals by optimizing the potential of their people. We take a global approach to solving your specific problems and meeting your current as well as your future needs. We focus on your long-range business plans and translate them into appropriate strategies and action plans. We learn your objectives, your business environment, your culture and your organization, and integrate them into our solutions.