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CAREERS is the extension of the activities of l' Etudiant SARL and the Center for Orientation and Documentation (C.O.D.).  L'Etudiant, established in 1992, is the first and only Lebanese editor of career and study guides and publications addressed to youth. This interest in the direction of the young generations is echoed by the endeavor of the C.O.D., that serves the country by assisting students in their delicate transition from school to university since 1998. To date, C.O.D. provided support to over 50,000 students throughout the Lebanese territory.


In our dedication to serve in career development, we organized an unprecedented event in the region in May 2001, the Forum for Orientation and Recruitment (FORWARD). This event was the meeting place for high school and university students, job hunters, professional orders, prestigious academic institutions, and reputed business institutions from more than 10 countries.

In one-shot FORWARD became an annual rendezvous.


Today, working in the same vocational spirit, CAREERS extends its previous activities to meet the needs of both human elements and institutions all year long. Our former extensive leverage experience with youth is transferred today to the work force.

To meet the restless global market, CAREERS introduces a new concept of CAREER centers.
At CAREERS, all aspects of work are treated, yielding a holistic, all-inclusive structure.
CAREERS specializes in activities that incorporate the full employment cycle, ranging from planning and development to institutional management of work, hence, providing an individual and an organizational focus on CAREERS.  This centralization of activities produces a coordinated framework, vital to match contemporary evolution.

CAREERS has a double goal embedded in one mission.
At CAREERS we believe in our active role to enhance human potential and contribution to company growth. We are committed to help people achieve on-going personal development within the realities of occupational constrains, and equally answer company needs to promote its advancement and wealth.
Still, we do not compute the outcome of our work as being equal to the sum of its parts. Our ambition goes even beyond the satisfaction of members or groups we serve separately. Rather, as a direct consequence of centralization of activities pertaining to work and employment, synchronization of work with students and academic units as well as the professional sector becomes possible.
This indicates a first step in the direction of a joint venture to coordinate efforts aiming at global economic prosperity.

   CAREERS works at:

  • Empowering
    Individuals to become independent and self- directed in
    their CAREER decision-making process

  • Competing
    In the creation of employment opportunities

  • Enhancing
    Professional structure of work and human resources.

  • Contributing
    To global development